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The artwork of Henna Shannon



This RING has started quite the journey in Henna Shannon branching out into a fun world of making rings that won't break your wallet. 

Made with a Blue Glass Bead, simply wire wrapped with a silver-plated over copper wire. Accented with a silver bead on each side. 

PRICE 22.00  (on-line, shipping incl.)  15.00 (at market)  LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

"All of my Jewelry, Clothes & Men have to be Shannon-proof, so believe me when I say this ring can handle the everyday wear, or the occasional Special Outing."-Henna Shannon

Henna Inspired Candles

These Little Treats happened to become a reality for Henna Shannon the winter of 2016.  

Many different sizes of candles available, from small to very large. Most of the times I work custom order with these, since you may want all different styles or sizes. 

Wax Candle, with puffed acrylic paint is what I use. Burns just fine, with no difficulties. Maybe I'll throw in the glass mirror to go underneath! All artwork is 100% free hand! No stencils. 

PRICES: $15-$95 (price completely based on size of candle and extensiveness of design.)

*examples will be up soon. Order one for $15, I'll use yours as an EXAMPLE.  


Henna shannon artwork

All Artwork is 100% Free-Handed work, ORIGINAL.  Everything has a Henna Inspired flare.  I do work well with commissions.  I make random peices that just come out and will put them up here when they are ready. So if you are wanting to accent a Living Room or bedroom, let me know How I can Help You. 


PRICES: $25-$700  Custom Work.