The Tiniest Empire

There are so many times I have started something, mainly a business, excelled at it, gained speed and momentum, got bright-eyed and hopeful at the thought of actually getting somewhere I had never gone before, and the "WHAM!", I have gone and rearranged EVERYTHING! Started over, renamed, moved, adjusted, slightly deleted, pondered, and then just gave up on a dream that I'm pretty sure was gonna fail anyway.  It's so exhausting creating nothing. hahaha.

Follow-thru, my biggest weakness. My other biggest weakness it seems, is that I cannot in anyway seem to crush, what I have now noticed to be my Tiny Empire. This is luckily a good thing. What do I call my tiny empire, you might ask? Well, you guessed it. Henna.  And why do I call it my Tiny Empire? Well, it seems to be the only thing, other than my skin, that I cannot seem to remove, destroy, or obliterate from my life. Resilient, beautiful, strong, serene, and possibly the most frustratingly perfect yin to my yang.  This dance I have had with this timeless art form has been nothing short of the best witness to both my worst and greatest moments in life.  I hope to share with you some fabulous stories of my path of what it is like to be a discovered artist.  Not one discovered by everyone else, but one discovered by me. Self discovery is an amazing journey, and one, that I think we can all agree on to be the center-point of our lives. Each and everyone of us.  

This is my story, in fact the many many hysterical, poignant, direct scenarios, that I will confess to here, that I will greatly reveal  as my life. Not only will you hear about my own personal stories and accounts of my art in it travels, I would also like to use this blog to introduce to you many other valuable players, talented artists, successful business owners of the art world, actors / producers, singers, anyone who I come across as fascinating and has something to share.  Let's not forget that I will also be looking forward to meeting many many  new uncomfortable stories, I'm sure, mixed with some of the most fabulous creative brains of our time.  

 I would like to take this minute to disclaim that I have never had a blog before, and am in no way professionally trained to guarantee your entertainment satisfaction.  So, there.  This is me, Henna Shannon preparing both you and I to share.  I do love you all who dare to read any of these, and I welcome you to my part of the world as I see it.  If you get offended, great, if you cry, growth, if you laugh, success....if you stay.....friends.  Thank you for visiting, and I'll see you soon. :)